ONE WIRE S Series Billet 170A racing Alt - GM truck - Black finish


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Most alternators are custom built to order. Standard build time is 2-3 weeks. If you need an alternator sooner than that, please contact a sales associate to see if any in-stock options are available.
17.00 LBS
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The S series of 6 phase alternators offers incredible output in a compact and durable package. Highly efficient, these units use less horsepower than conventional 3 phase alternators. 12 diodes, twin rectifier plates and outstanding airflow ensure long service life, even in severe conditions. The 170 amp unit comes equipped with an OEM diameter pulley, making it perfect for high RPM and racing use. THIS UNIT COMES SELF EXCITING (ONE WIRE) IT HAS NO PLUG AND NEEDS NO CONTROL HARNESS. . . GREAT FOR LS ENGINE BUILD APPLICATION USING GM TRUCK STYLE MOUNTING BRACKETS!