Cable Kits

  • 4 gauge alternator charge cable with ends

    4 gauge alternator charge cable with ends.  One end comes pre crimped onto the cable, while the other end is left uncrimped so the user can cut the cable to length, and terminate the other end.  Cable construction is 100% pure copper OFC with...


  • Mechman 2 Gauge Pure OFC Copper Battery Relocation Kit

    This 100% Pure copper 2 gauge battery relocation kit features 20 Feet of ultra-flexible fine strand battery cable and 8 feet of black ground cable. Pure copper cable ends, insulated cable clamps, self taping screws and sealing heat shrink tubes are...


  • MechMan 300 amp ANL Fuse

    Nickle plated high quality 300 amp fuse for the most demanding of 1/0 cable installations.  Perfect for fusing 270 amp alternators, amplifiers under 3,000 WRMS, or multiple battery installations.


  • MechMan ANL Fuse Holder

    MechMan ANL Fuse Holder

    High Quality ABS frosted grey ANL fuseholder.  Features set screw inputs for easy installation, no ring terminals required.  Will fit 4 gauge through oversize 1/0 gauge cable, up to 400 amp fusing.