Rectifiers.  Ours vs. Theirs

Rectifiers. Ours vs. Theirs

Posted by Mechman on 20th Sep 2018

Twin Rectifiers

As a final precaution, Mechman Elite & S Series alternators are constructed with twin high efficiency cooling fans, and twin internal rectifier plates. While other high performance alternators have only one rectifier with 6 diodes, Mechman Elite & S Series units boast 12 press fit diodes with 300% more surface area to dissipate heat. These considerations to cooling airflow and heat dissipation make Mechman Elite & S Series high performance alternators the most durable aftermarket alternators you can buy. If you are experiencing pre-mature alternator failure, intermittent electrical accessory problems, or low voltage at any engine RPM, a Mechman Elite & S Series 6 phase alternator is the answer!